About Us

Bowlin Enterprises International, LTD.


If we can’t compete with them on PRICE, then they can’t compete with us on QUALITY!

“Best of the Best”

Some 50 years ago we decided to find out who the “Best of the Best” was in our field of endeavor – truck and auto maintenance equipment.

This is what we do

We personally visit trade fairs from Singapore to Frankfurt, and all those of any importance in the USA – from Los Angeles to Boston – we visit the factories in Europe, the Far East, the Orient or elsewhere…we meet the owners and actually see for ourselves that the products are what they are advertised to be.

Are they “State of the Art” as promoted?

If so, we arrange to be their Warehouse Distributors and/or Agents in the United States. We determine what is the finest of its kind…not the cheapest…anywhere in the world.

The “Finest of the Fine”

We maintain that maxim today.

“If you aren’t taking care of your customers, your competition will.”

When you inquire by phone, you will be greeted by a REAL PERSON who is ready to handle your questions! You will never go through an automated process when you place a call.

Thank you for viewing our web site and for your business.