HVLS Altra-Air Ceiling Fans

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High Volume Low Speed Commercial/Industrial Ceiling Fans

Now with WhalePower Tubercle Technology™

Envira-North Systems Limited is very pleased to unveil a new line of energy efficient Altra-Air high volume low speed big fans (HVLS). We are confident that these are the quietest and most energy efficient HVLS big fans on the market today.

Our innovative Altra-Air HVLS ceiling fans can move more air than ever before while using 20 percent less electricity.

The new big fans deviate from traditional HVLS big fans by featuring a five-bladed design with the new WhalePower Tubercle Technology™

Tubercled blades have been shown to DECREASE annual electrical production by 20% while greatly reducing noise. The same design is applicable to fans, pumps and compressors and is a great advance both in the conservation and the production of electricity from renewable sources.

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