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Jenny Explosion Proof Fans

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With Variable Speed
Models D16X, D20X, B24X


jenny_exp_collageFlammable air born particles can turn any work environment into a hazardous situation if not properly ventilated. To combat the possibilities of igniting such particulates, explosion proof fans were designed to expel such elements. Jenny explosion proof fans are hazardous location fans which are built for the ventilation of flammable and explosive gases and vapors. These explosive proof fan units are manufactured with either direct driven 16 and 20 inch models, or 24 inch belt driven models. All models showcase totally enclosed explosion proof fan motors and are built to withstand years of worry-free operation.

These hazardous location ventilation fans conform to all OSHA standards and specifications. All explosion proof fans are equipped with a spark resistant polypropylene blade to prevent the flammable exahaust vapors from such things as paint and chemicals to ignite. Typical applications for explosion proof fans are for agricultural storage, paint spray booths, dry cleaning plants, petroleum dispensing facilities and any area where combustible or flammable fumes may be present.

Units come fully assembled and ready to operate.
Each fan is accompanied with a properly formed and matched venturi for highest performance.
Polypropylene spark resistant blade equipped with a rugged cast aluminum hub.
Sturdy, all welded construction steel frame.
Corrosion resistant powder coated finish.
Rugged safety backguard standard on direct drive models.
Variable speed models with solid state variable speed control.
All models have totally enclosed fan cooled explosion proof motors with built-in automatic reset overload protection. Motors are UL listed for Class 1, Group D and Class II, Groups E, F, and G atmospheres.